Mr. Eugene Blake

Mr. Blake is a well respected judge who resides in Tulsa OK. He started working with dogs in 1954 and began his interest as a bather in a French Poodle Shop in Texas. Mr. Blake became a professional handler in 1968 and showed dogs for 33 years. He has judged Toys and Havanese many times in his career and has been a group and Best in Show judge as well. We are thrilled to have Mr. Eugene Blake as our Regional Havanese judge

Havanese Fanciers of Canada National - 2018 - Ontario

2018 National Judge:  Elizabeth Hindley

2018 National Sweepstakes Judge: Paula Martel

2018 National Juniors Judge Paula Martel

Bio's for Judges

Elizabeth Hindley


I am President of the National Capital Kennel Club in Canberra.  We run a three day cluster in April. In early 1970’s I was successful  in breeding and showing  West Highland White Terriers.   In 1982 I became involved with Norfolk Terriers importing many from the UK and the USA since that time.  I have been successful in the show ring winning  Best in Shows All Breeds and several gaining their Grand and Supreme Championships.  In addition I have been closely involved with the Norwich Terrier s well as showing and handling Dalmatians and German Shepherds.

I gained my judges licence for Terriers in 2002 following this up with my Toy licence in 2006. During this time I had the opportunity to judge not just in Australia but also New Zealand.

In 2008 I travelled to Canada to judge the Norfolk Terrier Club of Canada’s specialty and 2011 I was invited to judge the Norfolk Terrier Club  of GB show and in 2012 I judged the Blue Bonnet Norfolk Terrier Club show in San Antonio.

January 2016 I judged in Florida Toys Terriers and the Samoyed specialty along with Dobermans and Rottweilers. In October 2016 I judged in South Africa judging terriers, toys non sporting and utility. One day judging to FCI standards.

This year I have been invited to judge the Norfolk Terriers at Montgomery USA and the Scottish Terrier Club of Washington DC specialty.

Paula Martel

I started my show career with my first Havanese Shelby in the rare breeds ring before the breed was recognized.  Thank you Margaret Wettlaufer in entrusting me with this fabulous breed.   Upon recognition, I never looked back and have continued to breed Healthy, Happy well socialized dogs.

Pocopayasos in Spanish means little clowns.  My mother being an avid collector of clowns and the fact that the Havanese breed act like little clowns made the decision to use Pocopayasos an easy one for my official kennel name.

I run a small boarding/grooming kennel in Val Caron which is near Sudbury Ontario.  I love working with all animal types but especially love the Havanese breed.  Their temperament is of a happy, affectionate little dog that will bond strongly with all their family members.

I strive to breed the healthiest of dogs that will live long lives and have done so since the beginning.  I health test all parents prior to breeding and if there is a concern, do not breed that dog.  I have continued to do all health testing required by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for the Havanese breed and will continue to do so until I am no longer breeding.  Here is their website.  www.offa.org

I have owned and shown several different breeds such as the Briard, Doberman, Lowchen, Whippet, Italian Greyhound, Pointer, Bouvier, Papillon, Boxer, to name a few.

I am presently working my way to become a licensed CKC judge after having bred the Havanese breed for 20 years.  I look forward to judging the HFC National Specialty Sweeps in 2018.  Good luck to all the dogs entered,  I strive to uphold our Canadian Kennel Club Standard to the fullest when I am judging.

Paula Martel



National 2013 - Lee Steeves