Entry Information

 Due to the number of specialties and events offered at this show, entering can sometimes be confusing.  Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail Lauren Goebel at lgoebel@hotmail.com  604 530 4041 if you have any issues with entry.  Premium list and entries are NOT available yet


Things to remember.

All entries can be done on-line and all begin the same way.  Go to


Choose the Green Entry on the top bar.

There are now four sections of shows (4 sets of different entry forms) 

The All Breed Form, which will let you enter the 4 days of All Breed Showing.  This entry form also has sweeps and juniors 

The Specialty Breed Section, which will let you enter the Havanese Fanciers of Canada Regional.  Don't forget you can also enter HFC sweeps for vetrans and puppies, and there is also junior handling but entries can be done at the show for that.