2017 National and Regional Sponsorship of Awards

Without the help of our generous sponsors National and Regional Specialties would not happen.  We thank you for your gift to the breed

Prize and award sponsorships gratefully accepted.  PayPal and Credit Card Payments below.  Other payment requests e.g. cheques or interact please contact Claire Paulson for information.  When you pay to sponsor a prize please e-mail Pat Parkhouse to let her know


  Saskatchewan NATIONAL  SPECIALTY - 2017


Best of Breed  $100 Alida Wasmuth SalidaDelSol Havanese
Best of Opposite $80.00  PETKIND Pet Products Alida Wasmuth
Best of Winners $75.00  Lynda Hand  Seda Havanese 
AOM (1) $75.00  Gabrielle Kube  Chickadee Havanese 
AOM (2) $75.00 
Heather Warnock
Los Companero 
Select Dog
Margaret Wardle 
DelSol Havanese
Select Female $75.00  Myrna McCallum  Old Havana Havanese
Best Puppy $80.00  Rose Kimber  Twinkle Havanese 
Best Veteran $80.00  Lalla Ward  
Winners Male $60.00  Lauren Goebel Mylad Havanese 
Winners Female $60.00  JoAnn MacKay  Little Wonders Havanese
Reserve Winners Male $40.00  Terri Fudge   Amistosa Havanese 
Reserve Winners Female $40.00  Judith McGrath  Mojito Havanese 
Puppy Male 6-9 Mth $35.00  Judy Moseley and Sarah Moseley Havana Ball Havanese 
Puppy Male 9-12 Mth $35.00  Gabrielle Kube  Chickadee Havanese 
Puppy Male 12-18 Mth  $35.00 Deborah Dahl  Havadahl Havanese 
Puppy Female 6-9 Mth $35.00  Judy Moseley and Sarah Moseley Havana Ball Havanese
Puppy Female 9-12 Mth $35.00 Lauren Goebel   Mylad Havanese 
Puppy Female 12-18 Mth $35.00  Deborah Dahl  Havadahl Havanese 
Canadian Bred Male  $35.00  Judy Moseley and Sarah Moseley Havana Ball Havanese 
Canadian Bred Female  $35.00  Linda Burke   
Bred By Male  $35.00  Nathan and Darlah Potechin  Talemaker Havanese 
Bred By Female  $35.00  Nathan and Darlah Potechin  Talemaker Havanese 
Veteran Male $35.00  Bev Dorma  MistyTrails Havanese 
Veteran Female $35.00  Stan and Pat Parkhouse Hugabrew Havanese 
Open Male $35.00  Terri Bergan  Sedosos Havanese 
Open Female $35.00  Debra Boudreau LosSombra Havanese
Brace $50.00  Lynda Hand Seda Havanese 
Stud $50.00  Cheryl Drake Ashstone Havanese 
Brood $50.00  Joanna Swayze  Everspring Havanese 
Best Baby Puppy Male $20.00 Michelle Huley  Mikorason Havanese
Best Baby Puppy Female $20.00  Michelle Huley Mikorason Havanese 
Best Overall Baby Puppy $30.00  Michelle Huley Mikorason Havanese
Juniors Best Overall $30.00 Bev Dorma  

MistyTrails Havanese 

Juniors General Costs $50.00 Heather Cloran  

Aimin High Havanese

Goodie Bags $23.86 M Zygula, Jane Rosenthal  this can be split by more than one person (was $100)
Prizes for Obedience/Rally Participants $60.00 Kim Johnstone  MLC Havanese 
Judge and Ring Steward Gifts and Expenses   $100.00  Lauren Goebel, Jane Rosenthal  this can be split by a few people, its to cover gifts and show expenses of ring stewart and judges (was 300)